That other first post

Welcome to that other blog: a source of content about… well… that other stuff.

(Note: this site is not affiliated with nor to be confused with – we don’t know anything about them other than we have same taste in blog names. We’re sure there are very nice people, but just to be clear: they are them, and we are us.)

Why don’t we christen this blog with some references to other sites worth visiting? Yeah, we thought that was a good idea too.

Do you watch Lost on ABC? If you don’t, you’re missing out. But if you do, we suggest making regular visits to DarkUFO’s Lost Mysteries and Jay and Jack’s Lost Podcast. There are spoilers… and it’s tempting to take a look, but you can avoid them if you want to, and even “spoiler free” visits to these sites will enrich your Lost experience.

One of the best reads online we’ve ever had was at the WWWF Grudge Match site. Although the WWWF no longer hosts battles to determine who wins in a “Rock vs. Paper vs. Scissors” battle or “James Bond vs. Indiana Jones”, the archives are still acessible and well worth repeated visits.

Dig deep through the archives of the Book of Ratings to learn which are the best and worst of everything. Read the review of Mc Donald’s Foods and see why Mc Nuggets earn a B+, or why the “Pause” button your remote control gets an A- but “Rewind” only earns a C. Breakfast cereals, superpowers, uses for potatoes, Jelly Belly flavors, stuff in the Airplane catalog, and more. You will definitely bookmark that site.

We say sites like these are what the internet is all about. We’ll be back soon with more thoughts about this and that other stuff.

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