That other nuisance from spammers

Those of you who are legitimate vistors to the site, may want to skip reading this entry: it is directed at a select group of scum affectionally known as “spammers.”  If this label does not apply to you, then you may as well wait for our next update.

To the rest of you, we appreciate the fact that we get approximately 20 comments per day submitted for consideration to be posted on the site – it’d be nice if they weren’t ALL SPAM. As of 6:17 PM, we have 1316 comments flagged as spam, and more than 900 others which we’ve deleted in lieu of blacklisting.

Things we would never endorse, never allow to be posted on the site, and quite frankly things/links we don’t even feel comfortable saying out loud or retyping here. (You get the point what they’re all about.)

And how many “true” comments do we have? … um… let’s see… in the last month or so… hmm, um…  ZERO.

Actually, that’s a misleading statetment. We get plenty of feedback from other sources (email, forums, tweets, in person, etc.,) and that’s wasn’t our main the point. Our issue is with the relentless stream of annoying, obscene comments sitting in our que.

Someone, somewhere must be allowing comments like that to get through – for the spammers to keep trying.  We just don’t get it. Our guess is people are lazy and either have all comments allowed to pass through or blindly click “accept.”

Ugh.  Ugh and a half, we say.

We’re not interested in your *bleep* *bleep*s and your *bleep* *bleep*s with *bleep*ing *bleeps*, you filthy spammers, and throwing in a compliment such as “nice site” or “great information” isn’t effective at winning us over.

To the rest of you, thank you for visiting the site.


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