That other miscalculation

Ohhhh, so you’re supposed to pick the team you think will WIN the game.  Well, that changes everything!

Seriously, though, what a brutal day.

Among the lessons we learned, foremost is the fact that this is the 2008 NCAA tournament not 1994 or 1991. Apparently, when making our picks we experienced some Lost-style consciousness leaps and forgot that John Chaney is not coaching Temple anymore, Fran Dunphy went 1-9 as the Penn coach in the “dance,” Shawn Bradley does not play for BYU these days, Antoine Walker is not on this Kentucky team, and Harold “Baby Jordan” Minor is no longer on the court for the Trojans. Among other things. Ugh… that’s really all there is to say – “ugh.”

All right, so we admit it… it was an bad day for That Other Bracket because we made more than a few miscalculations.

We owe the Purdue Boilermakers an apology, and we tip our hat to MSU, Kansas State, and close to a dozen other teams who defied the experts (us) and found a way to win.

The good news is, now we can sit back and watch the games rooting for our favorite teams rather than the teams we picked on our bracket. And, we take some solace in the fact that tonight at least 10 million other Americans saw their brackets busted just as badly or worse than we did.

So, “good luck” to those of you still competing in the tourney or leading your office pools, we admire your accomplishments and wish you continued success.

(Hmm…. wait a minute, you know… if we go 16-0 tomorrow we’re right back in this thing! Our Final Four is still in tact, … barely [Duke]. And, you know, it’s not like we made outlandish picks. We’re not dead yet! What time is the next Sportscenter on?)

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