That other request for help in the fight against cancer

I’m pleased to write this post in support of two outstanding women: Amy Cook and Jess Allison. They are volunteers for the American Cancer Society and participants in the Relay for Life and George Washington Bridge Challenge. I hope those of you who read this post will be inspired to stand behind them and encourage their efforts in the fight against cancer.

Unfortunately, cancer is a disease which affects us all. Many of us have close friends and/or family who have been diagnosed with cancer; others still are fighting the disease themselves as we speak. Those lucky enough to have been a spared close encounter thus far know its only a matter of time before cancer touches their lives in some way.

Despite the widespread reach of this disease, a cure or vaccine for cancer remains elusive; however, scientists have made great strides with their research and each day they move closer to that ultimate goal. The American Cancer Society(ACS) is an organization dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem through research, education, advocacy, and service.(1) Their work has helped raise the overall survival rate to 66% for cancers diagnosed between 1996 and 2002 (2), and helped improve the quality of life for millions of cancer patients and their families.

Jess and Amy each approached me independently about their efforts in this fight. (In fact, now that I think about it, they probably do not even realize they are both taking on the same foe.) I have seen each of them demonstrate great character and commitment, and on multiple occasions, I have stood proud of their efforts and equally proud to be their friend. Today is no exception.

They have awakened me to a cause I should have long been advocating and inspired me to not only support them but also solicit the support of others. Which brings us to where we are now…

Please, standing with me behind Amy and Jess in their support of the American Cancer Society. I would be happy to forward an email of encouragement from you to one or both of the women, or you could visit their personal ACS pages to “join their teams” or make a donation. Amy’s Relay for Life page can be accessed through this link, and Jessica’s George Washington Bridge Challenge page can be accessed through this link. I’m sure they would appreciate any and all shows of support.

I know sometimes it seems the impact any of us can have individually is minimal. That may be true, but sometimes individual efforts snowball and when combined with the individual efforts of others they can result in great things being accomplished. Jess and Amy inspired me. My own donations at their sites were not the largest the ACS will ever see, but when combined with the other donations garnered by these women and the funds raised by other ACS volunteers, well… perhaps together our donations will result in something great being accomplished. Wouldn’t you like to be a part of something great?

One more time… Amy’s ACS fundraising page can be accessed through this link, and Jess’ ACS page can be accessed through this link.

Thank you for considering how you can show your support.

Contributed by: Scott Copperman (Guest Author)


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