That other curious search referral


Woopra indicates that we had a visitor to the site today who got here by searching “reaction to aloe toilet paper” on Google.

Even more inriguing is the fact that they only spent 1 second on the site. Apparently they had one of those “whoa, this is not at all what I was looking for” moments and fled. Did they even have to click on the link to figure that out? Couldn’t they glean enough from the link title and short description on Google?

We apologize for not providing more meaningful toilet paper-related content. However, looking back at our mission statement and such, we find we made no promise to do so.

Our guess is that Google grabbed references to aloe toilet paper from Scott Copperman’s contribution about  things you don’t see advertisements for but buy all the time. We wish this stranger from… Verwoerdburg, South Africa (we kid you not), would have stayed and explored the site a bit more. But, we suspect that our visitor was dealing with some serious issues and considerable discomfort stemming from a reaction to aloe toilet paper that needed immediate attention. Poking around our site, understandably, could wait.

Well, our South African friend, we hope that you have found relief online from a more appropriate source. On the off chance that you return to us one day by means of a follow up search (or if you, kind reader, are some other person who arrived at That Other Page by means of a similar misguided search referral about “battery chargers,” “hockey cards,” or some other conglomeration of words we’ve used in a post) – please do take some time to explore the archives of our blog.

There are many good pages with clever content and good links buried within.

Now that we’ve formally typed that phrase “reaction to aloe toilet paper” several times, we should probably expect more visitors seeking relief for their irritated bottoms. Perhaps we should put a disclaimer in the header?

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