That other set of “say what?” comments

Overheard at today’s game 3 of the best-2-out-of-3 Hockey Championship game between the Penguin Division Flyers and Rangers… (it should noted the Penguin Division athletes are age 7 – 9)

[Rangers player to coach] – Who are we playing today?

[mother of a Rangers player to her son] – Run fast like when a girl tries to kiss you!

[mother of a Flyers player to Flyers team] – Pay attention, you Dou***bags, and play some defense!

[coach of Rangers to his child who is on the team and was hanging upside down in the goal during a team meeting] – Stop being a monkey and pay attention.

[mother of Flyers player to her son] – Play like you did last game and ignore everything I say.

There were other comments, which I’m forgetting at the moment.  We thought it’d be tough to find one that topped the comment made by one of the coaches of the Coyotes after a Coyote player was called for a penalty – “Next time hit him harder.”  (That got the coach a 5  minute penalty of his own). However, Flyers mom, we think you might’ve won the prize.  Especially given that you regularly made comments like that during the season.

Oh the joys of being a youth sports parent.

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