That other set of links used in prior blog posts

We recognize that the increased rate of posts in the month of November has resulted in some links to quality sites being buried in the archives. As a result, we are reposting here those links we have referenced in this blog to date (they are listed in the order they were first posted.)

  • – (not us, someone who already had a claim to a domain name we wanted: we don’t know anything about them)
  • DarkUFO’s Lost Mysteries – (an awesome reference site for the TV show LOST)
  • Jay and Jack’s Lost Podcast – (very entertaining podcast, primarily about LOST but occasionally other stuff too )
  • WWWF Grudge Match – (the archives of a site which answered those nagging questions like “who would win a fight: Webster or Arnold Drummond?” The link in the original post was mistyped: it is fixed here. Ugh, fixed again December 10 – now it works! Go visit the site – it was worth the wait.)
  • Book of Ratings – (The archives of Lore Sjoberg’s incredible site, currently replaced by Assorted specific archives were referenced.)
  • Mile High Comics – (a comic book distributor we used to use back in the mid ’80s)
  • The DC Universe – (The encyclopedia of DC’s comic book characters. The entry for the “Silver Age” Flash character was referenced.)
  • The Marvel Directory – (The encyclopedia of Marvel’s comic book characters. Entries for the Juggernaut, crossroads, and the Beyonder were referenced.)
  • Dominic Cianciolo – (The website for film and video game director, Dominic Cianciolo – a friend from when one of our contributors lived in Michigan.)
  • Our 2008 NCAA Mens BBall Bracket – (Our “sheet of integrity,” so to speak.)
  • American Cancer Society – (Two friends of the site were fundraising for the American Cancer Society: this is the ACS main page. We had links for both Amy Cook and Jessica Allison’s donation pages, but they are no longer active.)
  • 1986 Houston Astros. – (The Baseball Reference . com entry about our favorite baseball team of all-time.)
  • 1986 National League Championship Series Wikipedia Entry – (Just what it says.)
  • Matt Trudell’s Website – (The website of artist, track star, and all around good guy – Matt Trudell.)
  • Scott Copperman’s West Milford Articles – (A collection of articles about Guest Contributor – Scott Copperman’s time in West Milford.)
  • The Junior Rotisserie Fantasy Football League – (A fantasy football league for kids. The league commissioner has a blog and a link to that blog was included in the entry.)
  • Simply Syndicated – (A collection of very clever podcasts and forum discussions.)
  • WWdN: In Exile – (Wil Wheaton’s blog.)
  • TechSupportRich – (Richard Smith’s blog.)
  • Download a Dragonite – (News about how Toys R Us was giving away free downloads of a Pokemon character for their Diamond and Pearl games.)
  • WQHS – (The University of Pennsylvania’s student run radio station.)
  • NTSB findings – (A link to the NTSB’s findings about the crash of AA 587 in November 2001. A link to a newspaper article was also provided.)
  • The Alphabits Online Project 2004 – (Description of and results of an multi-classroom investigation of the letters which make up a box of Alpha Bits cereal.)
  • Mark Rosenfelder’s Facts from his bookshelf – (A guy took one interesting fact from every book on his bookshelf, and made this list. We like the one about the French taught in schools.)
  • B101 – (The first radio station in Southern New Jersey to broadcast Christmas carols this year.)
  • Airplay – (A play while you watch online gaming network that makes television truly “interactive.”)
  • The Weather Underground – (That Other Page’s preferred weather service online.)
  • The Wilton Village Market – (What if Guest Contributor – Scott Copperman had accepted their offer to forsake graduate school and become Bob Lengyel’s assistant manager back in 1992? Imagine how different the world might be.)
  • – (One of our contributors made use of a photo from this site.)

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