That other blood sample

I’m kind of proud of myself.

After a few days of stalling, I finally made the appointmen for my blood tests, etc.,.  After 12 hours of fasting, a 7 AM appointment, a needle… (gah!!!! I hate needles!), and several vials of blood – the first round of tests is done. Now I just wait.

Dum dee dum dum…

For the record, Quest Diagnostics blows Lab Corp out of the water. The friendliness, general quickness, etc., of my appoitnment this morning was like nothing I’ve ever seen at Lab Corp.  Then again, it’s not like I go that often. Still, I didn’t want to be there this morning, but I left saying to myself “that wasn’t so bad.”

So anyway, now it’s time to wait. At  some point I’ll have to go and get the results and then I’ll likely begin a series of appointments with a specialist.  Woohoo!  Go me!

EDIT: 1 hour later – I have to remember this could all come back “negative,” and I could be just fine. Worrying over nothing would be silly. I’m just proud of myself for not stalling too long on the tests.

Contributed by: Scott Copperman


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