That other blogroll tweak

Oops. Somewhere in the past few months, the blogroll links got messed up. I probably should update from WordPress 2.1.3 to the more current editions – ya think? I fixed the links, added one, and I’ll have to keep a closer eye on them all.

It’s funny… I must narrate to myself a dozen, read-worthy blog entries each day. When I’m driving, when I’m walking, in the shower (tee-hee), whatever… they’re actually coherent, relevant, Wil Wheaton-quality narratives. But when I log in later, I never seem to follow through on them.  I mean, look at my post about Coll’s uncle’s plane crash: geez, that took me two years to actually get online.

So why is that?  I think part of it is a sense that maybe it’s not as interesting as I think it might be. Part of it is I am a little guarded about how much information I want to put out there online – I don’t want to put something that will embarrass my kids or family or be easily twisted out of context. And yet, at the risk of seeming not-humble-enough, I think some of it would be pretty good.  I’ll have to reevaluate my self-censorship and see if I can’t maybe get a few more things past the editor’s desk in my brain.

It’s 5:58 PM here in New Jersey. I’m stuffed from a good Thanksgiving dinner, and I’m just sitting here checking some websites and updating my fantasy football lineups before watching the Cardinals/Eagles game. All things considered, it’s been a good day. I hope everyone else had a good day as well.

I’m trying to decide whether to go be a Black Friday shopper and wait in line to buy a new laptop.  The question is WHERE and WHEN to go.  I’m trying to decide between Office Depot (likely the smallest line), Best Buy (likely the longest line), or somewhere else.  I’ll have to read over the advertisements again.  Last year I did an early morning camp out for a Wii (I was #117 and they had 120 Wii units available), and I’ve waited in line for 3 hours to sign my kids up for swim lessons (I was #3 out of over 250 in line).  This could be fun…. I’ll take Jay’s Zune, watch Spiderman 3 or some old Godzilla movies or maybe some Justice League cartoons… I just have  feeling I’m going to end up being at the wrong store.  Hmmm…..

All right, well , I guess I should go research this all.  Again, I hope you all had a great holiday. Watch for some higher quality blog posts in the near future.

Contributed by: Scott Copperman (Guest Author)


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