That other Oreo-type cookie

I’m eating it right now.

I say “Oreo-type” because it’s actually a store brand imitation, but you get the point.

So, hello. It’s been a while. Happy New Year to you all.

I haven’t completely ignored this site… I’ve been logging in to clear out spam comments (I do have to say their grammar is getting better… 1 or 2 out of every 50 actually make me pause and consider if they might be from a real person) and monitor the stats. You’ve been a busy bunch of readers. I’m sorry there hasn’t been a whole lot for you to see. Well, there is a lot here… there are more than 140 posts in the site (wow, talk about bad grammar – that sentence had two different verb conjugations in it, but to paraphrase Elton, deal with it).

A few people come here and dig through the archives a little bit (it’s a fascinating thing to study the articles they choose to read… ) but most of you are just reading the one page. You pop in, take a quick look to see if there’s anything new… speed read it, maybe, and then pop out.

That’s normal I suppose.

In fact, it’s much like how I’m interacting with this faux-Oreo and it’s bretheren. I could go and take a handful, or the whole package of cookies: I know there are many other good cookies to eat, and in my heart I know I want more than this single snippet of cookie-ness. However, I choose to zip in and take one cookie then zip out. I’ll go back soon, sometimes many times a day for another cookie, but each time it’s a quick strike and I grab a single cookie… (you’re getting this whole cookie jar =’s entire collection and each post = a cookie analogy, right? Good, except now I’m kind of stuck with where to go with it. The best thing would be for me to stop eating cookies and go make a sandwich or something instead. Where does that fit into this analogy? Should I be directing you to another source of content? And what about the faux-ness of my cookies?) … man, now I’m starting to feel bad about myself. I know I’ll go have a cookie.

Well, that sort of backfired. Anyway, I’m flattered that so many of you are interested enough to check in here. I will get back to posting more regularly. I’ve been very busy with life at home and work stuff and my college classes. There have been challenging times and some setbacks, but overall things are fine. Writing here is just not much of a priority sometimes.

I will say this, though, my son played an outstanding hockey game last night. After a string of games where he just looked lost (for a variety of reasons I wont get into here), he looked like the player I know he wants to be. He was so proud of himself and was beaming all night long.

I consider myself very lucky to be able to be there to see these moments in his life. Very lucky. He’s a good kid, and when he hurts, I hurt tenfold. Seeing him feel so good about himself made me feel great for a night as well.

So, did you give someone that one extra gift? Just ‘cuz Christmas is over doesn’t mean you can’t still make someone’s day. If you’ve never done something just because – do it, and you’ll be amazed at how great it feels. It can be something as little as giving someone in line that 10% off coupon you won’t be using or paying for the toll for the person behind you. Buy a magazine and put it in a mailbox. I dunno.

Last January, I used the little bit of money I’d received for Christmas to sponsor two people’s memberships in an online community. I don’t know the people, in fact I couldn’t tell you their names now. But, I knew the community organizer and I just told him to pick 2 people who said they wanted in but couldn’t afford it. I wished they would turn around and in return do something for someone else – I hope they did. That same month, I also gave away tickets to one of the Arizona Cardinals playoff games to some guy who said his dad has cancer and they couldn’t afford to go to the game. I never really heard back from him. I hope it wasn’t a scam… and I hope his dad is okay today. But, for all the things I don’t know about the recipients and what happened next (well the Cardinals won and went to the Super Bowl, but that’s not what I mean), it still left me feeling like a better person.

Enough rambling (and cookies, I’ve eaten 4 since we started this).

Contributed by: Scott Copperman


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