That other producer of outstanding internet content

Lore Sjoberg.

It was about ten years ago when I first found Lore’s Brunching Shuttlecock’s website (currently archived at Within the many dozens of files in the archives are quizzes, commentaries, tools, and ratings.

The ratings actually have their own website, (also archived), and they are continued in video blog posts on Sjoberg’s current site

Lore’s wit has provided me with many hours of laughter, literally “out loud” at times, and with many links to forward to friends. For a good stretch of time, I would share the Brunching site with people as my first “you gotta see this” – remember, people, we’re talking about the late 90’s when many people knew nothing of the world outside of AOL.

I’m sad to say, that a few years went by without revisiting the site – why? Maybe because I’d already shared it with so many people, things off-line made life too hectic to play (bah, never a good excuse), who knows?  But I rediscovered Lore’s work a few months ago, and I’m happy to have the chance to share it with a whole new group of people.

So go ahead and read Lore’s review of Mr. Deeds, test your ability to determine whether a word is the name of a performance sports car or an impotence drug, see if you agree with the grades he gives the Norse gods, determine “who died and left you king?“, learn to play chat room bingo, or visit one of hundreds of other links at his sites.

I am happy to add Lore’s sites to the blogroll, and I suspect Mr. Sjoberg’s influence will be conspicuous in the new podcasts Elton and I will be releasing in January 2009.

Contributed by: Scott Copperman (Guest Author)


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