That other mini-play

My morning – a play by Scott Copperman  (based on a true story)

Pants: you know, this is a good day to get some exercise. Let’s go.
Knees: eh, I don’t think so.
Pants: come on, you used to be all about this stuff.
Knees: that was then, this is now.
Pants: Dudes, I don’t want to end up buried in the corner like those 34s over there. Come on, we can jog/walk, it doesn’t have to be a “run” per se.
Knees: maybe later.
Pants: that’s what you said in November…. and December… and last week… and…
Back: Hey beltless, they said “no!” Now go eat a cookie or something.

*sigh*  at least the cookie was Chocolate Chip.

Contributed by: Scott Copperman


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