That other fantasy football 2008 champion


In two leagues, actually… Kiernan’s Yahoo league (although the Championship game was an 89 -89 tie, Yahoo declared my underachieving 6th seed team to be the league champion based on tie-breakers) and my own ESPN “That Other League” (2nd year in a row for the Whoville Yopps).

I didn’t win any money or anything (although by winning my own ESPN league, I save myself some money because I don’t have to buy the winner a jersey – I think I will buy myself a Philip Rivers jersey though, probably a white home jersey).

I did finish 4th in Bayham’s Turn Left at the Corner league. Which basically won me back my entry fee. I had a chance to do better… much better. (finish 2nd instead of 4th, I don’t think I could’ve won… my Week 16 performance was just too bad) I stupidly benched Andre Johnson (200+ yards and a touch down) in Week 15 as well as chose to play the Tennesse Titans Defense (gave up 200+ yards and a touch down to Andre Johnson, among other things) instead of Minnesota’s Defense (80+ yard kick return and solid play versus the Cardinals).  Had I done that, I’d have made the championship game and finished no worse than 2nd.  Oh well.

It was a lot of work, but it was fun. And, now…. well, now I get to focus more on work and my graduate classes, and watch the Chargers and Cardinals fight to advance through the playoffs.

Contributed by: Scott Copperman (Guest Author)


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