That other thing I need to order

Ink for my Versajette Printer.

No real significance to it, I’m just using this blog post like a post it note. Ha ha ha ha… um… yeah, well.

I keep forgetting to do it. And while I could just as easily be ordering it now than typing this blog post, this is a bit more fun.

And, I haven’t compared prices yet.

What’s the big deal about versajette printer ink? Why can’t I just go buy it at Staples? Well, that’s a good question [insert name here]… (actually, it’s funny I learned the other day how to use to make the site look at visitors’ IP addresses and make the site actually put in some identifying info, but that would freak a lot of you out, and that would require a good amount of code I don’t feel up to typing so… go ahead and insert your own name there.)

Let me quote (whom I suspect are actually quoting someone else…)

The VersaJette Color Inkjet Printer is the world’s only inkjet printer designed to print 100% bank-compliant checks. Personal and small business users save 50-80% or more vs. buying pre-printed mail order checks from their banks. The printer features advanced bank-compliant VersaInk-nano Magnetic Ink (MICR). With VersaInk-nano you’ll generate guaranteed bank-compliant checks for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition devices used at retail and financial outlets everywhere.

Pretty cool, huh?

So, yeah… I need it for work. Hey Scott, don’t forget to order it.

Contributed by: Scott Copperman


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