That other set of things I don’t do anymore

I’m lazy.

Well, all things being said it’s not really my choice.  Technology and society have made it too easy to be lazy, and being lazy… of course, who am I to resist it?

Below are a list of things I used to do all the time, but don’t… for varous reasons.

  1. Get up to change the channel or adjust the volume at the TV.  I don’t even know if my television has controls to do such things on it anymore. No, I’ll go and search the whole room for the remote control rather than walk 3 feet to my television.
  2. Open the freezer to get ice cubes. Don’t have to… my fridge shoots them out a little dispensor on the door.
  3. Wait until after 9PM or 7PM to make a phone call.  Although I remember the days when it was a necessity very clearly none of my phone plans are really affected by WHEN I call anymore.  So it’s long distance at lunchtime for me.
  4. Brush or comb my hair.  Ha, well, this is the result of my current haircut.  But I remember when I used to have to battle the curls which look great on my daughter but tortured me as a young male. Simple solution – keep it short.
  5. Take my film to be developed at a photomart-type place. I was a hold-out, but now I’m pretty much all digital.

Exciting, huh?

Contributed by: Scott Copperman


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