That other bit of hypocrisy

My son wears a helmet when he plays hockey. He wears a mouthguard under that helmet. He wears a cup.

When he plays lacrosse he wears all of those things plus rib pads, chest pads, and elbow pads.

I tell him he has to… it’s not open for debate.

When I play hockey, I wear none of that. Last night I got hit in the forehead with a puck. Last season I was jabbed in the ribs more than once. So far this season I’ve seen three other players get hit in the head with sticks, and last night I barely escaped a stick in the eye.

And yet, I’m still resisting buying a helmet.  I know I should… and I’m embarrassed that when my wife said that I should get one my son stood up for me and declared “Mom, he doesn’t wear one because he doesn’t have to.”

Great example I’m setting, huh?  Ugh… I really don’t want to wear a helmet or any of that stuff, but I know I’m playing with fire. At least the puck to the head was a relatively weak shot, but what if it hit my eye?  And the stick that just missed me – JUST MISSED ME.

My teamate, Rob, left the court bleeding last night (no helmet, head injury)… all right, all right, I’ll go buy one.


Contributed by: Scott Copperman


2 Responses to “That other bit of hypocrisy”

  1. Lottery Ticket says:

    Look at your son, look at your wife. That should do it. Buy the damn helmet.

  2. Scott says:

    I did, I did… now it’s just a matter of wearing it for more than warm-ups.
    This week I think.

    But thank you for caring enough to nudge me.

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