That other stash of snacks

Mmmmph  mmmnn mnnn nnunn nnn… *cough*  *cough*…Keyleft Coshofud Shocko*cough*

Oh sorry, I was just eating my 8th, 9th, and 10th Keebler Coconut Chocolate…

(why is it everytime I say, hear, or type the word “Chocolate” I hear Dora the Explorer singing  “Bate, Bate, Choco-late!” ???)…

er, anyway, Keebler Coconut Chocolate Chip cookies.


Yes, I have a secret stash of these here in the house. Being the only member of the household taller than 4′ 11″, it’s quite easy for me to hide snacks and other things up out of reach and sight of the rest of the family.

This afternoon, I stuck a pack of these little round heart-attack makers onto a top shelf.  I quickly took the pack back down, ate three cookies, and then returned them to the shelf. Only my son was home at the time, and he was in another room.

An hour later, I brazenly helped myself to one with my daughter and wife in the room. My wife was oblivious, but my daughter caught me… or did she?

“You didn’t see anything…” I told her, with crumbs spitting from my lips as I said the words. I think she believed me, although she did ask me how many cookies SHE could eat right after. I gave her two E.L. Fudge cookies from the cookie jar and we silently agreed to never speak of that moment again.

And now, with my son’s visiting god-parents up in the guest room, I’ve grabbed 3, then 4 more, and finally another 3 cookies from my secret stash.

I feel guilty, but the cookies are so good. And no one else in my family likes coconut flavored anything anyway.

Now, I want you to forget you ever read this… unless, of course, I die in my sleep from a heart attack, in which case you should suspect my stash of cookies had something to do with it. And, make sure the surviving cookies find a good home.

Contributed by: Scott Copperman


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