That other goldfish I no longer own

You may remember this post, “That other goldfish I owned” from a few months ago. Well, as of last week, Splashy “aka ‘the goldfish formerly known as Swimmie'” is no longer with us.

He has been flushed after dying a peaceful death, in his sleep… I think. I’m not really sure if fish sleep, but I know there’s a book about it you can buy.

He was missed, for about as long as he was appreciated. Sadly, that time has already come and gone, and the spot where his tank once sat has been filled with knick-knacks and other home decorations.

Tonight, though, I’m drinking a beer and pouring another down the toilet for my home-fish.  One last late night for us to share… I miss you, Splashy.

Contributed by: Scott Copperman


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