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That other fantasy football league

Sunday, August 3rd, 2008

We are always looking to support ingenuity. We respect that even the best ideas have some element of risk involved, and as such we are happy to promote one particular good idea here:

The Junior Rotisserie Football League at

A cooperative effort of several parties, the Junior Rotisserie Football League is designed to get kids interested in the statistics of sports and familiar with ALL of the NFL’s football teams instead of just their favorite(s) without requiring they invest a lot of time or know all the players.

Instead of drafting individual players to comprise their teams, the participants pick teams each week to use for four categories… Points Scored, Points Allowed, Passing Yards, Rushing Yards.  They can use a team for more than one category but they can’t use the same team two weeks in a row for the same category – so it gets them to look beyond their favorites a little bit.

For example, Alex might pick the Patriots for points scored, the Colts for Points allowed, the Chargers for Rushing yards and the Colts for Passing yards… and then next week he needs a new team for each category.  He can use the Chargers again, just not for Rushing.

Participants  make up a “Team Name” and that’s what they go by… on the webpages they are “Alex from Naples” or “The Screaming Yellow Zonkers” or whatever.  Nowhere at any time is their full name or address or any other more revealing information about them asked for or published.

“The Commish” regularly comments on the progress of the league, offers suggestions for picks, and makes good-natured comments on the overall standings in his blog. A sports savvy high school student with ten years fantasy football experience, this mysterious figure (and his supportive and very organized parents) should be able to provide a great experience for his players.  They are hoping to have a league filled with kids of all ages, from “around the US” participating. They are thinking of grades 1- 8 as their target audience, but it of course ultimately depends on the youth his or herself in determining whethe this activity is right for them.

We at That Other Page are thrilled to support this endeavor. It seems like the perfect way to introduce youth to fantasy sports or NFL football in general.  Take a moment and check out their site before the season starts on September 3rd, and if you decide to join, tell them TOP sent you.