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That other piece of artwork

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008

Although a number of years have passed since I last talked with Matt Trudell, he is someone I speak of (in a good way) often.

A picture of Matt, Jon Greenwald, and Colleen Mangan sits on the shelf in my office, and a piece of artwork Matt created for me hangs on the wall in my rec room.  Both are conversation starters, and I am happy to be able to tell anyone who will listen some of the things that make Matt the exceptional person he is. In truth, the entire Trudell family is a pretty special group… Brandon, Kristin, and their parents… but this entry is about a picture and Matt’s the artist who drew it.

As I said, it’s been some time since I’ve last talked to Matt. However, after regularly asking my friends, Hayes and Tully, if they’ve heard anything about him – I got word that Matt had created a website.

I took a look and was pleasantly surpised to see the very drawing I have hanging in my house featured on his site (well 2/3 of it at least).

Trudell Captains' Gift

I don’t know if the computer scans do the picture justice – it’s an amazing piece. Until about a year ago it hung on the wall behind my desk, and when we moved last November we decided to make it a central part of our rec room decor.  As I said, it sparks conversation all the time – now and pretty much ever since the day Matt presented it to me.

My copy of the picture is signed by Matt, Tim Cedrone, and Jon Greenwald and features a short message from the three of them. Of all the art in my home, it’s the piece that holds the greatest value (short of those fine refrigerator masterpieces created by my own kids), and finding Matt’s website the other day only adds to my pride in owning that picture.

It’s funny, if the picture wasn’t featured on Matt’s website, I would worry that the site might belong to a different Matthew Trudell (you’d be surprised how many common seemingly uncommon names are) – but seeing that image has removed any doubt and it’s up to me now to seize the opportunity to reconnect.

In the meantime, I encourage you to visit and check out some of Matt’s other work. And if you want, you can peruse the West Milford stuff at my site to read about a few of the amazing things Matt accomplished back in the day.

Contributed by: Scott Copperman (Guest Author)