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That other 18th pick

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

The San Diego Chargers currently hold the 18th pick in this year’s NFL draft.

After three disappointing years, the team is at a crossroads. They MUST be successful this year, or there will be big changes.

I’ve often talked about how the Philip Rivers Chargers teams remind me of the Dan Fouts teams. So close to making it to the Super Bowl. Offense first. Strengths in all the same areas. And apparently headed for the same dark period after coming so close.

Up until the price was jacked way up, I was hoping they’d get the SS Barron, but now I think they are better off staying where they are. There should be a solid pash rusher who slips to 18 and then they can draft a safety in the 2nd round.

We will find out over the next 72 hours, I guess. Fingers crossed, it’s a plyaer who can step in and contribute from Day 1. Fingers crossed… .

Contributed by: Scott Copperman